EuroBLECH 2018: Inspiring material flow concepts with modular and manufacturer- independent solutions

Material flow concepts that enhance productivity are in increasing de-mand among companies active in the sheet metal processing industry, Remmert GmbH can report after returning from EuroBLECH 2018. The intralogistics specialist’s portfolio of automation systems and consult-ing services for agile material flows garnered a great deal of interest at the event.

Automating production processes remains a dominant theme for sheet metal processing firms looking to make their businesses fit for the future while achieving maximum productivity gains. To harness the full potential of laser cutting machines, they need to be incorporated into intelligent automation concepts. As such, the expertise amassed by material flow specialist Remmert is in great demand, as illustrated by the huge response generated by the company’s booth at EuroBLECH. “Around the world, companies in the sheet metal processing industry are on the lookout for future-proof automation solutions that increase productivity,” says Michael Göbel, Strategic Sales Manager at Remmert. “Our many discussions with prospective customers from around the world show that our approach – taking an overall view of production processes and providing manufacturer-independent and modular systems – is proving popular. Demand for our  total solutions has never been higher,” he adds. 

Enhancing productivity from day one

Companies can utilize modules from the FLEX line of products to boost manufacturing productivity from the very first day of application. The LaserFLEX loading and unloading system, for instance, can help ensure laser cutting systems are running at peak capacity. Boasting a changeover time of just 60 seconds, it is the fastest automation solution on the market. Used in combination with other FLEX modules, such as the BASIC Tower for raw materials and buffer stock, the system enables laser cutting machines to be in operation around the clock. “As part of an intelligent total solution, each and every one of the FLEX components is an element that creates value, enabling companies in the sheet metal processing industry to take their material flows to the next level,” explains Göbel. Remmert is also stepping things up a gear with SortFLEX, a new fully automated sorting solution. Following extensive field testing in a wide range of applications, SortFLEX will be launched worldwide in summer 2019. 

“We always align our development activities with the needs of our customers. The recent redesign of our conveyor belt system is centered around delivering benefits for clients: An intelligent package that combines ergonomic design and productivity-enhancing functions. This not only helps improve material flow, but also reduces the strain on employees’ backs,” explains Göbel, underlining Remmert’s holistic approach to development.